Rules for Admissionof AUTO SHANGHAI 2023

To make an orderly exhibition surrounding, please carefully read and observe the following admission rules. Only with successful pre-registration (6 p.m. one day before the arrival day) with real name, every admission can be made. Those with ID card preregisteredplease hold a 2nd-generation ID cardand go through excess check points with signs of ID CARD. The other proceed to on-site “Access Service Counter” for further verification before their first admission, and go through excess check points with signs of FACE ID. Those people accompanying children or with no 2nd-generation ID cardin hand please read the following items carefully and do accordingly.    

Admission Schedule & Entrances 

DateEvent Days AdmissionTime
April 18 (Tue.) to April 19 (Wed.)Media Day 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Only Open toMedia Professionals with No ChildAdmission
April 20(Thurs.)to April 21 (Fri.)Trade Day10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
April 22(Sat.) to April 26 (Tue.)Public & Trade Visitors 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
April 27 (Wed.)Public & Trade Visitors10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Visitors please proceed to the Entrance Hall of NECC for admissioninto the venue with the 2nd-generationID card in hand. 

If a limit on the number of admission is imposedtemporallydue to overcrowding, please follow the advicefrom the staff on-site. 


1.  Exhibitors, visitorsand staff shall finish the real-name pre-registrationon-line prior to the event.Traffic congestion around the venue might occur due to limited amount of parking space. Visitors are kindly suggested to go to the venue by public transportation and avoid peak hours.

2.  Those with pre-registrationby 2nd-generation IDcard shall be admitted by scanningthe card, and those who have finished on-line registration with such valid ID certificatesas a passport, a mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, a mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents and a residence permit for foreigners shall proceed to “Access Service Counter” for further verification before their first admission. Those people with no 2nd-generation ID card in hand shall scan on-site ID. CARD QR CodeImage of Public Security , and then finish all the steps with the result of a confirmed ID Card code saved in the MP, and finally go through excess check points with signs of ID CARD. A confirmed ID card code is just workable on the very day. No other ID than above-mentioned is acceptedfor admission.   

3. A child less than 1.3 meters tall or under the age of 6 is free of charge, but is not allowedin alone. The accompanyingadultshall sign Safety Guarantee for the Child Admitted in Auto Shanghai 2023 before they are admitted in together.

4. For safety consideration, visitors shall enter after the security check. For your convenience, please do not take sizeable baggage or large carry-on bags with you. The organizers and authorized security staff reserve the right to inspect the baggage of the visitors. Smoking or littering is forbidden in the exhibition hall.

5.Do not carry inflammable, explosive, fragile or other dangerous articles, nor pets, drones ortake-away food into the exhibition hall.

6. Since the exhibition is over-crowded, a visitor with a chronic disease or of frail health is kindly reminded to be cautious about visiting.  

7.The visitors shall agree to the following terms: 

(1)  Withno permission of the Organizer, visitors shall not copy, produce, or use any video or audio records for profit, publicity, display and etc. (except for individual entertainment).

(2)  With or without the permission of the organizers, the copyright and intellectual property of all videos and audio records belong to the Organizer.

(3)  Visitors shall not take photos or make AV recording at zones of “No Photo”

(4)  No conduct is permitted beyond the normal demandof visiting an exhibition. 

8. Without the written permission of the Organizer, no institution or individual shall conducta research, a poll, a donationor a fund-raising event. 

9. For emergency, please follow the instruction of the staff and orderlyevacuate. 

Once a visitoris inside the venue, it is taken for granted that the visitor has read and agreed to the Rules for Admission of AUTO SHANGHAI 2023.

The Organizer of the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition reserves the final interpretation right for Rules for Admission.

Please call (86-21-55369696), visit WeChat (autoshanghaiexpo) for more detailed information of AUTO SHANGHAI 2023.