Auto Shanghai 2023 was Successfully Concluded

time:2023/4/27 18:30:00

The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Shanghai 2023"), which lasted for 10 days, was successfully concluded at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on April 27.

As an international Class A auto show covering automakers, auto tech and supply chain, Auto Shanghai 2023, themed with "Embracing the New Era of Automobile Industry", is highly valued by the global automobile industry. The total exhibition area of the auto show is over 360,000 square meters, showcasing 1,413 vehicles in auto-maker area; 93 global debut cars (including 28 debut cars from international automakers) and 64 concept vehicles were released on-site; 271 new energy vehicle models (including 186 new energyvehicle models from Chinese car makers) and 513 new energy vehicles were on display. Auto Shanghai 2023 has received more than 13,000 domestic and overseas journalists to report this grand event and attracted in total 906,000 visitor entries from home and abroad.

From April 18-19, 151 press conferences were held by automakers and major auto parts suppliers. 20 forums, summits, seminars and technical meetings were held concurrently, focusing on a number of hot topics such as new energy, smart mobility, hydrogen, intelligent vehicles etc., creating a platform of industry promotion and integration for the development of the world’s automobile industry.

The world’s automobile industry is accelerating new energy transformation, opening a new era dominated by new energy vehicles.

The electrification and intelligent transformation of new energy vehicle has almost become the main theme of all debut car release conferences at Auto Shanghai 2023. The number of new energy vehicles released has exceeded that of traditional vehicles for the first time, meanwhile the new energy models have firmly occupied the absolute central position of most show stands. The mainstream international automakers have released all-electric lineups during the press conference, indicating that the "Fully Electric" strategy has been widely accepted in the industry. A number ofdomestic automaker stands have gained high popularity at Auto Shanghai, showing the overall increase of recognition of Chinese new energy vehicle brands.Another highlight is the frequent presence ofthe technical management teams of leading international brands at the stands of Chinese brandswho are studying carefully“Chinese Proprietary R&D Technology", demonstrating that Chinese brands are capable to dialogue with the world in the field of new energy and smart technologies, and thus have achieved a qualitative leap.

“Two-way Journey” - the localization of foreign enterprises and internationalization of Chinese enterprises, opens an era driven by Chinese automobile consumption market.

China's electrification and intelligent transformation is standing at the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the global automobile market. The increasing number of China-specific products and technologies unveiled at the show is regarded as a sign of the maturity of China's automobile market and the growing sophistication of its consumers.Foreign brands have reached the consensus that satisfactory products can only be developed in the market where the decisions are made. On the other hand, Chinese automakers are speeding up their global layout, and the ways of "go overseas" are becoming more and more diversified. They have acquired certain brand competitiveness in terms of products, technologies and even value chain. Such two-way journey also indicates that the internationalization of China’s automobile industry has entered a new stage. China is confidently stepping to the center of the world stage and toward the future of automotive power.

A new round of technological upgrading and iteration is coming, ushering in a new era of digitization, intelligent transformation and green innovation.

As one of the most important platforms for communication in the world’s automobile industry, Auto Shanghai always forges ahead with "leading by technology" and has become the "weathervane" of the global automobile market. The mainstream car makers are paying more attention to human-vehicle interactive experience, which shows that the development direction of the world's automobile industry will be led by digitization, intelligent transformation and green innovation in future, thus accelerating the development and iteration of the automobile industry.China's automobile industry is developing from electrification to intelligent transformation, which indicates that in the second half of industrial development, the speed and dimension of automobile innovation will continue to exceed imagination. At the same time, Auto Shanghai 2023 has shown more extensive and rich contents of pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel power, range extended and other vehicle power technologies, providing consumers with more personalized and diversified car purchase choices.

The 20th Auto Shanghai has witnessed the growth and leap of China's automobile industry.

Founded in 1985, Auto Shanghai is celebrating its 20th edition this year. At the beginning, Auto Shanghai was a window for China to see the world. Now it has grown into a window for the world to see China. The growth of Auto Shanghai reflects the growth of China's automobile industry. It has promoted the popularization of automobile culture, stimulated automobile consumption, meanwhile playing an important role in promoting the development of China's automobile industry.

The more important fact is that the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition is bound to be another landmark for international auto shows. It has completed the important upgrade of "leading the development of the industry" and presented a spectacular event representing the world's leading show of automobiles for all parties. During this show, the core market of global automobile consumption is turning to China, and Chinese consumers are gradually becoming the "protagonist" of the global automobile market. The competition of the new era of automobile has begun. Auto Shanghai will continue to deliver more profound and influential market insights and trends for the industry, and strive again for reaching a higher level.